Graduated Companies


Ablaze Development
Research and Development

Ablaze Development Corporation (ABLAZE) is a Small Business founded in April of 2005 by highly experienced business and technology entrepreneurs. Ablaze performs applied research and development in the fields of Computer Science, Electronics, and Robotics, providing businesses with an instant technology group.

Information Technology

Accusource, LLC provides an outsourcing solution for investment management firms.

Advanced Conservation Technology, LLC
Energy Company

Advanced Conservation Technology, LLC (ACT) is a business enterprise dedicated to reducing the need for non-renewable energy in the maintenance of buildings and homes. In addition, ACT continues to seek out and form relationships with companies offering other means of energy conservation using solar, wind, water, and geothermal power. It is through these relationships that ACT is able to give you everything you need to build the ultimate in energy-efficient structures: the ULTOMEGA® Structure.

Alliance Pharma, Inc.
Bio-pharmaceutical Services

Alliance Pharma, Inc. is a Contract Research Organization (CRO) specializing in bio-analytical services for both small and large molecules, as well as drug metabolism and pharmacokinetic services. The firm’s extensive and diverse industrial experience includes analysis of drugs, agrochemicals, and food ingredients; small molecule LC-MS/MS analysis; large molecule immunoassays; cell based assays; and drug metabolism studies: drug-drug interactions (inhibition, induction), metabolic stability, and protein binding.

Brandywine Photonics, LLC
Optical Technology Company

Brandywine Photonics, LLC is a leading manufacturer of next generation Offner and Dyson spectrometers for Earth Sciences, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) and Machine Vision, and is a certified distributor of real-time hyperspectral imaging software, EXPRESSO 1.0. We deliver total integrated hyperspectral sensor and data processing solutions, providing application engineers and scientists with highest quality instruments for their toughest hyperspectral imaging challenges.

Information Technology Company

Curotec, LLC creates and implements digital strategies to streamline business processes and enhance customer experiences for organizations of all sizes.

Dynamic Solar
Energy Company

Dynamic Solar, LLC is a full-service solar energy provider that brings together the diverse expertise needed to design, build, and maintain successful solar power projects for commercial, industrial, and institutional clients and provides the necessary support for the system’s twenty-five-year warranted life.

Information Technology Company

Evolve IP is a cloud-based technology provider that offers businesses a better way to buy and manage their applications, infrastructure, and security solutions. Evolve IP helps organizations outsource technologies that are not within the budget, skills, or focus of their IT resources.

Fibrocell Science, Inc.
Biotechnology Company   

Fibrocell Science, Inc. is an autologous cellular therapeutic company focused on the development of innovative products for aesthetic, medical and scientific application. Fibroblasts are responsible for the production of collagen and contribute to the formation of connective tissue fibers. We believe these cells have a broad application

Fogmaker North America, LLC
Manufacturing Company    

Fogmaker North America, LLC engineers, manufactures, and installs high pressure water mist fire suppression systems in the following markets: Heavy Duty Transit Buses, Small and Medium Size Buses, School Buses, Boats, Wind Turbines, Military Vehicles, Generators, Forestry Machinery, Mining Equipment, and Race Cars.

Global Seating Solutions, LLC
Manufacturing Company

Global Seating Systems, LLC (GSS) is dedicated to protecting our troops through the development and manufacture of high technology, high strength military seating, and restraint systems. Our commercial arm, USSC Seating LLC, has been developing and manufacturing seating systems for extreme duty markets since 1987. Building upon and enhancing the proven, robust ergonomic designs from the commercial market, GSS developed seating systems specifically for the threat environment experienced in military ground vehicles

Herban Farms, LLC
Agricultural Technology

Herban Farms LLC is a local, independently owned basil grower located on the campus of Cheyney University in Chester County, Pennsylvania. Our growing system is a combination of aquaculture and hydroponics, known as aquaponics. Over 2500 tilapia are used for the production of nutrient rich water that is vital in our basil growing process. Herban Farms LLC is a USDA GAP Harmonized Certified (Good Agricultural Practice) Greenhouse. Since 2006, we have supplied fresh, living basil to supermarkets and wholesale distributors in the Mid-Atlantic Region. With a persistent focus on customer service and growing a quality product, Herban Farms continues its growth toward future success.

LifeSplice Pharma
Bioscience Company

LifeSplice Pharma, LLC is an early-stage biotech company that develops extraordinarily specific, potent, and long lasting RNA-based drugs called ‘Splice Modulating Oligomers’ (SMOs) to treat severe neurological and non-neurological diseases with critical unmet medical needs. The LifeSplice platform technology relies upon innovative and cost-effective in-silico drug design, validated by its founding scientists, that allows for extremely rapid discovery of new SMO product candidates.

Research, Development and Marketing Company

Maximus V, LLC is a Research, Development, and Marketing Company that markets and develops creative products and technologies with strength, conditioning, and rehabilitative applications.

Melior Discovery, Inc.
Pharmaceutical Research

Melior Discovery, Inc. has pioneered a unique, optimized, high-throughput pharmacology platform that is able to systematically identify novel indications for pre-clinical and development stage drug candidates. Melior also applies this expertise to the provision of a range of essential pre-clinical and discovery services for clients in the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries, including pharmacokinetic evaluations, efficacy models, and bioanalytical testing.

Molecular Targeting Technologies, Inc.

MTTI is a privately held biotechnology company focused on the development of diagnostic and therapeutic molecules to address the unmet medical needs in cancer and cardiovascular diseases. MTTI is also building a research reagents business and manufactures and sells an ever expanding portfolio of products, primarily based upon fluorescence, to meet the needs of cutting edge academic researchers.

Momentum Dynamics Corporation
Electric Vehicle Market

Momentum Dynamics Corporation is a start-up clean technology company located in Malvern, PA. The company is developing a unique and proprietary technology system that will permit electrically powered vehicles to be recharged without the use of a wire. This wireless technology is revolutionary because it can be operated automatically, allowing both passenger-class and commercial fleet vehicles to be charged safely and effortlessly in all weather and without direct supervision.

mTekka, LLC
Information Technology

mTekka, LLC is dedicated to helping its customers grow by providing IT Consulting, IT Auditing, Outsourcing, and Professional Services. They are headquartered in Chester, PA,USA. mTekka provides consulting and outsourcing services for clients who want detailed and effective business continuity and I.T. disaster recovery (DR) plans. mTekka works with its customers and, if necessary, their 3rd party providers to ensure that their plans are not just theory, but executable solutions proven to perform within the clients requirements.

NanoPack Inc.
Materials Technology

NanoPack Inc. is a materials science company, formed in 2004, that develops and markets cost-effective, environmentally friendly barrier materials for the packaging industry. Their products include both liquid coating to create barrier and the barrier coated films themselves.
NanoPack’s clear barrier coatings and coated films use a proprietary technology to improve and add value to standard packaging films such as BOPP, PET and NYLON. Primary markets for NanoPack’s barrier materials are food packaging applications for which protection of contents from oxygen is important for improving shelf life. Additionally, the Bairicade XT™ and NanoSeal™ barrier coatings offer superior aroma/fragrance protection for spices, seasonings, food ingredients and air freshener products.

NextGen Reporting
Information Technology

NextGen Reporting provides court reporting and litigation support solutions that help solve the litigation workflow challenges faced by attorneys and their clients. With superior customer service and technology, NextGen offers attorneys, court reporters, and their clients a streamlined and improved process with significant cost savings.

OptimalOps Software, Inc.
Financial and Technology Services

OptimalOps Software, Inc. provides secure web-based software applications and solutions to the investment management community. Their goal is to improve controls and management of operations through the use of flexible software that meets ever-changing business requirements and compliance mandates. The company’s core product, ControlOps©, is an auditor approved key application that eliminates the need for paper backup and manual checklists, establishes clear
responsibilities and authority, and enables efficient operational control and oversight in all areas of the investment management operation.

Phoenix S&T
Life Sciences Company

Phoenix S&T develops and sells patented high performance, injection-molded nanospray devices for mass spectrometry applications in drug discovery, clinical diagnostics, and homeland security. It has formed Research & Discovery partnerships with customers in each of these markets. Phoenix S&T’s mission is to work closely with its customers to develop new applications. Even though the chips are targeted for protein applications, virtually any sample now analyzed by mass spectrometry can benefit from the superior performance of nanospray. Phoenix S&T encourages all of their potential users to contact them with ideas on how their devices may help clients solve their problems in proteomics and other areas of applications.


PolyMedix is a biotechnology company that is developing novel, synthetic small molecule compounds that mimic the activity of large natural proteins; compounds referred to as biomimetics. PolyMedix focuses on creating new therapeutic drugs to meet unmet medical needs for treatment of serious, life threatening, acute disorders, including our initial programs involving new drug treatments for infectious diseases and acute cardiovascular disorders. Using its proprietary computational drug design technology, PolyMedix has created novel antibiotic and heptagonist drug compounds and plans to file Investigational New Drug (IND) applications with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for each of these product candidates during the first quarter of 2008.


Progenra, Inc. is dedicated to finding new medicines for a variety of diseases through the ubiquitin pathway, a critical mechanism of cellular regulation. Progenra’s assay platform and unique profiling capacity can identify selective inhibitors of critical ubiquitin pathway enzymes associated with cancer, osteoporosis, and other debilitating diseases. This technology and multiple selective compounds are available for licensing.


Prosthetic Innovations is a unique prosthetic center specializing in advanced socket designs, bionics, gait training, and high-performance prosthetics to maximize the functional potential in every amputee. Its clinical staff includes ABC certified Prosthetists, a Physical Therapist and an Engineer. Considered leaders in its profession, with over 30 years of experience, Prosthetic Innovations has successfully fit many challenging upper and lower extremity prosthetic cases from around the country. Prosthetic Innovations provides the limb loss population with the most progressive comprehensive care available. Its services include accelerated fittings, advanced socket designs, rehabilitation planning, physical therapy, and refinement as well as insurance assistance services. They specialize in applying highly developed ultra-light, flexible materials that allow its clients to achieve both socket comfort and stability. Its clinicians are dedicated to a lifetime of learning and improvement as prosthetic methodology and innovation rapidly develops. Prosthetic Innovations has years of experience designing prostheses for “difficult to fit” clients, paralympic athletes, tri-athletes, marathoners, cyclists, swimmers, martial artists, sky divers, and active/retired military personnel. Prosthetic Innovations is dedicated to driving prosthetic technology “swifter, higher, stronger.”

Quanta Technologies, Inc.
Energy Efficiency Technology Company

Quanta Technologies, Inc. is the high-growth, independent consulting arm of Quanta Services. Our Mission is to provide business and technical expertise to energy utilities and industry and assist in deploying strategic and practical solutions to improve their business performance. Their vision is to be the firm that energy companies seek to help solve their strategic and operational needs. Quanta Technologies,
Inc. strives to provide an environment that attracts and develops the best energy industry professionals.

Recro Pharma, Inc.
Biopharmaceutical Company

Recro Pharma, Inc. is a venture-backed, specialty biopharmaceutical company headquartered in Malvern, Pennsylvania (greater Philadelphia area). The company’s mission is to develop differentiated, high value, prescription drugs for analgesia, anesthesia, sedation, and other specialty markets.

Reniguard Life Sciences, Inc.
Biopharmaceutical Company

Reniguard Life Sciences Inc. is a gene detection and construction company. We provide testing services, custom assays and assay kits for the detection of genes (DNA), gene transcripts (RNA), gene mutations, and gene products. We also provide contract research services in the areas of molecular biology, virology, oncology, and immunology to assist biomarker studies and pharmaceutical evaluations. In addition, we develop screening/diagnostic tests for the early detection of cancers and infectious diseases. We value technical innovations and academic excellence.

Roundcorner, Inc.
Information Technology Company

Roundcorner, Inc. provides a software platform to enable customers to write their own applications that allow them to analyze information off of any devices.

Shifa Biomedical Corporation

Biopharmaceutical Company

Shifa Biomedical Corporation (Shifa) is a privately held biopharmaceutical company dedicated to the rapid, cost-effective development of drugs for the treatment of cancer and cardiovascular diseases. Shifa has much of the expertise essential for the rational design of small molecule drugs, including expertise in biochemical, cell-based and virtual screening, molecular biology, protein biochemistry, protein crystallography, and biophysical, medicinal, computational, and combinatorial chemistry.

SparkNET Technologies
Information Technology Company

SparkNET Technologies provides Premium IT and Software Development and consulting services. Their goal as a premium service provider is to simplify the decision making process when it comes to IT and software solutions.

Stabiliz Orthopaedics
Biotechnology Company

Stabiliz Orthopaedics develops and brings to market cutting edge orthopaedic products. Their current product line is comprised of plates and screws for traumatic fracture repair. Their core technology involves hybrid resorbable/metal screws intended to promote late stage motion within fractures. This motion is clinically accepted as a means to stimulate bone healing and reduce the incidence of malunion, and other failures associated with fracture fixation. Stabiliz Orthopaedics, LLC is trying to improve clinical outcomes for patients with fractures that necessitate surgical repair.

TetraLogic Pharmaceuticals
Biopharmaceutical Company

TetraLogic Pharmaceuticals is a privately held biopharmaceutical company that discovers and develops small molecule drugs that modulate programmed cell death pathways to treat debilitating diseases and conditions. The company’s Smac Mimetics neutralize critical blocks in the apoptosis pathway to selectively destroy cancer cells. Its Necrostatin compounds block critical steps in the process leading to necrosis, enabling cell survival in a wide range of diseases and injuries where necrosis is a critical component of pathology.

Thingworx, Inc.
Information Technology Company

Acquired December 31, 2013 – See Press Release

ThingWorx™ provides the first platform designed to efficiently build and run the applications of today’s connected world. ThingWorx’s model-based design and search-based intelligence reduces application development efforts by 10X, minimizing cost, risk, and time to market.

TransSig, Inc.
Bioscience Company

TransSig, Inc. is a virtually integrated biopharmaceutical company focused on the development of novel small molecule signal transduction modulators for unmet clinical needs.

VenatoRx Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Pharmaceutical Company

VenatoRx Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a disease-focused pharmaceutical company dedicated to the discovery and development of novel anti-infective agents. Their goal is to identify and progress into clinical development best-in-class small molecules able to address the growing concern of today’s and tomorrow’s resistant bacterial infections.

 Y-Prime Technologies, LLC
Bioscience/Information Technology Company

Y-Prime Technologies, LLC’s clinical support services and innovative software solutions are bringing a new level of transparency to meet the challenges of today’s increasingly complex and competitive clinical and regulatory environment. Working for industry leader’s worldwide, Y-Prime harnesses information to help clients more effectively plan and manage clinical trials on time and within budget.

Zeomedix, LLC
Bioscience Company

Zeomedix, LLC is developing advanced wound healing products for chronic wounds(diabetic foot ulcers, venous leg ulcers) and acute wounds (blast wounds, burns).